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Birthday Cake Boba

Let them eat cake... or drink it? Celebrate our birthday with us by making this delicious birthday cake bubble tea recipe!

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Strawberry Boba Refresher

If you love Starbucks refreshers than you're going to love this Strawberry Boba Refresher. With hints of passionfruit and lemon it's a perfect spring time drink!

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Boba Passionfruit Aperol Spritz

Something about an Aperol Spritz just makes it feel like summer vacation.  Our 3 ingredient recipe starts with BUBLUV Bubble Tea to give this Spritz a light, fruity flavor that’s...

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Passionfruit Mango Boba Mojito

We added a tropical twist to a classic summer cocktail.  The tropical flavors from BUBLUV Bubble Tea pair perfectly with muddled mango, mint and lime for a light, bright refreshing...

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Nutrition & Ingredients

5 Tips Inspired by Our Customers

Since we launched in April of this year, we've received over 250 4+ star reviews from customers like you.Today we're sharing your tips for how to best enjoy BUBLUV Bubble...

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History of Boba

How did the same eons-old traditional drink of tea transform into the uniquely satisfying boba experience we love today? Well, here’s the history (histor-tea?) of the evolution from tea swirls to...

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What is Boba?

From delectable pictures on social media, to the menus of Starbucks, to designated emojis on your phone, what is this drink that seems to be taking over America?

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Tea 101: How Tea is Made

Did you know that Green Tea, Black Tea, and Oolong Tea actually all come from the same plant despite their distinct flavor profiles and appearances? 

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