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Is boba tea healthy for you?

The first time I had boba was in college and became OBSESSED. Satisfyingly, sweet and creamy, I fell in love with this dreamy drink I could chew.

But quickly, I fell off Cloud 9 once I found out how much sugar and calories were packed into one cup. A typical 16oz serving of bubble tea has an average of 424 calories*. That’s the equivalent of drinking 3 cans of Coke or running 4 miles! And I'm not a runner.

Now, yes, I could have gone to the boba shop and ordered less sugar, but did you know that those glorious sweet and chewy tapioca pearls reportedly can have 200 calories (per ¼ cup serving)^? 

This blew my mind and made me feel even guiltier about drinking boba. So I completely cut it out from my diet for YEARS. But I missed it. So much!

That’s why I created BUBLUV Bubble Tea. A better-for-you boba alternative with no added sugar, no artificial ingredients, and less than 50 calories a bottle. 

See how BUBLUV compares to the boba shop (as well as the leading canned bubble tea):

Now, nothing's going to replace a delicious boba from the shop, but I'm happy with BUBLUV Bubble Tea if that means I can drink boba whenever I get the craving, with all the flavor and none of the guilt.



 ^Tapioca Pearl calorie count based on leading U.S. boba shop chain reported calorie count as of March 2022

*Sugar content based on leading boba shop chain reported Black Milk Tea product sugar, adding tapioca pearl sugar count from leading boba industry supplier, per 16oz serving, as of March 2022 Calorie count based on applicable, average calorie counts of Black Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearl products as reported by the top 5 boba shop chains in the U.S., as of March 2022

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