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Boba tea you can feel good about.

0-1g Sugar | 50 Cals or Less | Low Carb Jelly Pearls | Ready to Drink


It's Boba with Benefits

Easy to store in your fridge or your pantry, satisfy your boba craving whenever it hits - and feel good about it!

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Did You Know?

That oh-so-delicious black milk tea from the boba shop can have over 400 calories and 50g sugar per 16oz serving?

The kicker is that the tapioca pearls themselves can be up to 200 calories (per 1/4 cup serving) alone!

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Step into boba bliss

With less than 50 calories and no added sugar, BUBLUV Bubble Tea® frees you to drink boba that tastes amazing, without the guilt!

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Delicious and addictive! It turned bubble tea from something indulgent due to the sugar to something I could drink everyday."

Trevin C.

Having BUBLUV in the fridge whenever I'm having a craving for boba is such a game changer! Granted it's not soft and chewy like fresh tapioca (the texture reminds me of crystal boba) but they're still delicious.

Arissa A.

Light Enough to Drink Anytime

Enjoy BUBLUV® Bubble Tea as a snack, 3pm pick-me-up, or whenever you need a mood boost.

What's boba?

First time you've heard of bubble tea? Let's get you up to speed on the basics.

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