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5 Tips Inspired by Our Customers

Since we launched in April of this year, we've received over 250 4+ star reviews from customers like you.

Today we're sharing your tips for how to best enjoy BUBLUV Bubble Tea. Read on for all 5 tips inspired by our customers.


Tip #1: Have BUBLUV Bubble Tea on hand to enjoy with friends and fam

Stefanie C. always like to to keep a couple bottles on hand to share for fun.

Got some downtime during the holidays? Get The Sampler Pack and do a fun boba tasting!

Friends around basket of BUBLUV Bubble Tea with different flavors


Tip #2: Sip BUBLUV Bubble Tea as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Varuska P. loves it as a "healthy and tasty afternoon treat."


 BUBLUV Bubble Tea on a table on a patio on a sunny afternoon

Tip #3: Stock up on BUBLUV to save time and money

Customer Benson S. loves BUBLUV because it "saves me time and money from going to my local bubble tea shop and ordering drinks."

Keep a stash of BUBLUV at home and satisfy your boba craving within an arm's reach. Ditch the long drive or walk to the boba shop.


Girl pulling out a bottle of BUBLUV Bubble Tea from the fridge

Tip #4: Bring BUBLUV Bubble Tea on-the-go.

Customer Anne C. loves to bring BUBLUV to work for a quick and refreshing drink at the office.

The perfect portable size to pack on-the-go to the office, gym, or weekend trip. Will fit in your car's cup holder too!

Young woman in stylish clothes with BUBLUV Bubble Tea on the go, going about her day

Tip #5: Like your boba sweeter? Sweeten to taste.

Shahreen H. says that BUBLUV Bubble Tea "tastes like a lighter version of the sugary bubble tea I am used to at the shop. I personally add a squeeze of allulose syrup to make it a bit sweeter."

Tip: Add allulose or your favorite zero-calorie sweetener to BUBLUV Bubble Tea for an extra touch of sweetness. Allulose is like a simple syrup so it's easy to mix into cold (or hot) drinks!

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