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BUBLUV Bubble Tea Coming Winter 2021

A Note from Our Founder

Better-For-You Foods from the Best of Both Worlds

As a fourth generation Asian American, I grew up eating the best of American and Asian food. I LOVE food – especially Asian food – and what I crave most can be high in carbs, calories and sugar, like bubble tea, pizza, and fried rice. That didn’t fit in with the healthy lifestyle I wanted. So I started BUBLUV to make better-for-you takes and twists on my favorite Asian food and drink inspired by my life experiences - starting with bubble tea.

Why Bubble Tea

I fell in love with bubble tea in college but stopped drinking it completely once I found out just how much sugar and calories one drink had. I just felt way too guilty! Then, after college, I moved to New York City, where there was no shortage of boba shops. The temptation was real but so was that little guilty feeling holding me back.

The Journey

With my 10 years of experience working in food on iconic brands like Bon Appétit and Green Giant - where I led the launch of healthier versions of America's favorites like cauliflower rice and cauliflower pizza - I put my know-how to work.

After 2 years and over 120+ recipes later, I’m so excited to share with you BUBLUV® Bubble Tea in three super delicious and refreshing flavors. I hope you enjoy them - stay tuned for what's on the menu next!

So delicious! We really enjoyed all 3 flavors - especially loved the passionfruit tea - it just went really well with the texture of the boba. 

Jodie X.



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