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BUBLUV Bubble Tea Coming Winter 2021

Zoom Passionfruit Oolong Guava Bubble Tea with Tapioca Pearls - 6 Pack
Zoom Passionfruit Oolong Guava Bubble Tea with Tapioca Pearls - 6 Pack
Zoom Passionfruit Oolong Guava Bubble Tea with Tapioca Pearls - 6 Pack
Zoom Passionfruit Oolong Guava Bubble Tea with Tapioca Pearls - 6 Pack

Passionfruit Oolong Guava Bubble Tea with Tapioca Pearls - 6 Pack

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($4.99/bottle + FREE 6 pack straws)

Inspired by Hawaii’s tropical juice drink POG – passionfruit orange guava. A drink our founder enjoyed often during her childhood summers visiting family in Hawaii. Our “POG” combines a splash of real passion fruit and pink guava with the fruity notes of oolong tea for truly refreshing taste that will take you beach-side.

Fit to Fuel the Happiest, Healthy You

  • Delicious taste you crave
  • Brewed with loose leaf oolong from Taiwan for rich flavor and body
  • Colorful, fun orange tapioca pearls
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No added sugar
  • 20 calories per bottle
  • Source of antioxidants + fiber
  • 1g total sugar

An Easy, Convenient Way to Get Your Boba Fix - Fast

  • Saves you time and the hassle  – Don’t feel like going all the way to the boba shop? Or making boba from scratch and dealing with the clean-up?  We feel you. BUBLUV® Bubble Teas are shelf-stable, meaning you can store it in your fridge or your pantry. Boba is just a few steps away!
  • Drink anytime - Enjoy in place of your morning coffee, as a 3pm pick-me up, snack, or anytime you need a mood boost!
  • Drink anywhere - Comes in a just-right sized portable bottle with a paper straw so you can enjoy boba at home or on-the-go.
  • Drink it how you like it – Sip it hot or cold straight from the fridge, or over ice.
  • Easy to stock up -  Never worry about another boba shortage!

 Helping You, Help the Planet

  • Bottled in 100% recyclable, reusable glass 
  • Reduce your environmental impact - use our FREE biodegradable paper straws with fun gold stripes that will lift your spirit!

A boba game-changer? We think so.

This is your chance to truly enjoy boba that tastes amazing, without feeling guilty. Hop on it!

Pre-order BUBLUV®now!

Passionfruit Oolong Guava Bubble Tea with Tapioca Pearls - 6 Pack



What is BUBLUV® Bubble Tea?

BUBLUV® Bubble Tea is a convenient, better-for-you bubble tea alternative that you can keep in your pantry or fridge to satisfy your boba craving any time it hits. Our boba comes in three delicious varieties - enjoy our takes on the classic Black Milk Tea and Matcha Milk Tea, or explore the new flavors you’ll find in Passionfruit Oolong Guava.

With no added sugar, no artificial ingredients, and less than 50 calories a bottle - it’s the new boba you’re bound to LUV!

Why should I drink BUBLUV® Bubble Tea?

BUBLUV® Bubble Tea is a delicious and convenient way to satisfy your boba craving guilt-free, all in the comfort of your own home! BUBLUV® has the tastes and textures you want in a true bubble tea but cuts the high calories, added sugar, and artificial ingredients you don’t.

Plus, our teas are a source of antioxidants and fiber for a nutritional plus-up! Not to mention keto-friendly and gluten free.

Does BUBLUV® Bubble Tea need to be refrigerated?

Our products are shelf stable, meaning you can store them in the pantry. Once opened, store it in the fridge and you can enjoy it up to 5 days later.

How are your products sweetened?

BUBLUV® Bubble Tea is sweetened with a blend of monk fruit extract and erythritol (naturally found in fruits and veggies), so you get the taste of sugar but with fewer calories and negative health effects. Most importantly, your blood sugar won’t spike like it does when you ingest any form of sugar. That means every person, regardless of sugar restrictions, can enjoy BUBLUV® Bubble Tea.

What does BUBLUV® Bubble Tea taste like?

Our boba teas are delicious, light, and refreshing. Each variety has full flavor that only comes from loose leaf tea and are just a touch sweet (never overly sweet!). Get BUBLUV® today and try it for yourself!

What do the tapioca pearls taste like? Are they as chewy as the boba from the boba shop?

BUBLUV®'s tapioca pearls are a blend of tapioca starch and konjac (an Asian root vegetable), for a nutritional plus-up on fiber and a cut in calories. 👊 With the addition of konjac, our tapioca pearls aren't quite as chewy as those you'd get at the boba shop, but we're confident that they'll satisfy your sip-and-chew craving!


Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we do not ship internationally outside of the U.S. but that may change as we grow!

About Us

A Note from Our Founder

BUBLUV® Bubble Tea is a great-tasting boba alternative that was created to fit in with your healthy, on-the-go lifestyle.

I have 10 years of experience working on iconic food brands like Green Giant, where I led the creation of over 20 healthier versions of American favorites like cauliflower pizza and riced cauliflower.

My dream is to create healthier takes on Asian-inspired favorites.

So I put my know-how to work and after 2 years and over 120+ recipes later…I’m so excited to share with you BUBLUV® Bubble Teas in three super delicious flavors. I hope you enjoy them!

All the Flavor You Love, None of the Stuff You Don't

We put everything into creating the drinks and dishes you’ll love, without the stuff you don’t. Because with a whole world of flavorful foods to draw from, we believe you don’t need added sugar or anything artificial to satisfy a healthy appetite.

Your Support Matters

As a woman and minority owned business, we feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to express ourselves and change the world through business ownership. Whether or not you choose to buy BUBLUV, thank you so much for your support and interest - it means a ton!



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